Bowie and Crofton Criminal Defense Lawyers

“It was a blessing and a pleasure to have Mr. Carey on your side. From the initial consultation Mr. Carey was very straightforward. He walked me through the legal process and helped me…”

Ruiz Castillo

“I can not say enough about Mr. Carey. 8 years ago I went to him with a very very serious indictment with multiple felonies and misdemeanor charges 9 in total with total possible time…”

Joseph Rea

“Mr.Carey has been our family lawyer for past 26 years. We highly recommend him. He is a professional lawyer with high ethics. His staff are the same way too. He was there whenever…”

Hamid & Particia

“Mr. Carey worked hard and performed incredible due diligence in regards to my case in to receive the best outcome possible. It says a lot when an attorney for another person approaches you…”


“Mr Joseph Carey and Nancy Carey where very informative through out the process of before and after court proceedings. The out come was far better then I thought. Everything was…”

Kelly G

“Mr. Carey represented me for a speeding ticket (93 in 65). His knowledge of the legal system was impressive. He expeditiously prepared for trial by filing all pretrial motions (representation…”

Lisa R.

“Great Law Firm! My family and I have been clients of Joseph Carey for over 20 years. He has handled several cases for me and my family. Joseph Carey is very caring and compassionate about…”

Brigitte D.

An Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Bowie, Calvert County and Surrounding Areas

Comprehensive representation in criminal defense, DUI/DWI, estate planning, and more

Hiring a lawyer can be a bit overwhelming. You deserve someone who will be your partner through the process, has the skills and the resources to assist you, and who understands your needs and where it is you’re coming from and what it is you need. You deserve a law firm that will stand by your side not just during this case, but any time you need legal counsel.

My name is Joseph Carey, and I founded Carey Law Office 37 years ago. Since that day, the firm has helped people throughout the state get their lives back on track. We understand that there is almost always an underlying reason for people’s actions, and that your life shouldn’t end because you made a mistake. If you are at a crossroads, we can guide you with honest, practical advice and treat you with the dignity and compassion you deserve. When you need help, call Carey Law Office in Bowie or Dunkirk and schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney who has the resources to help.

Legal counsel for a wide range of criminal charges

Our firm handles a wide range of criminal cases, from misdemeanors to felonies. No matter what kind of charge you’re facing, we can find a way to help you. We regularly assist clients facing:

  • DUI/DWI charges. If you have been accused of having too much to drink before getting behind the wheel, we want to help. We can also represent you at your MVA hearing if you failed or refused to take a Breathalyzer test and lost your license as a result. Time is of the essence though, so don’t wait to call. We’ll need to start preparing your defense right away, so we can fight on your behalf for the best possible outcome.
  • Drug charges. There has been a marked uptick in drug-related charges in Maryland, and most of it is related to opioids – prescription or not. No matter what charge you are facing, or what drug you are accused of using, selling, holding or trafficking, call us. You’ll face no judgment here.

Crofton Bowie Criminal Defense

  • Theft charges. From shoplifting to grand theft, our firm handles it all. We will listen to your story and work together to come up with a strong strategy based on the unique circumstances of your case.
  • Assault charges and violent crimes. Maryland has a wide range of assault charges, and the type of charge you face will determine what kind of punishment you will receive if convicted. Domestic violence charges have their own set of rules; so do charges involving sexual assault or rape. This kind of conviction will have lasting consequences that will follow you for the rest of your life. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can get started on building your defense.
  • Juvenile charges. Making one mistake as a kid can cost you a better life as an adult. However, in some cases, being charged as a juvenile might also protect you from a more severe punishment, depending on what happened. If your child is facing criminal charges, don’t wait: call Carey Law Office to see how we can protect him or her.

Our criminal defense team always aims to have our clients’ charges dropped. However, when that is not an option, we will create the strongest possible case for having those charges reduced so that the outcome is minimized. We do this because we believe that rehabilitation is more effective than punishment. A criminal conviction will hurt your record, your chances of getting (or keeping) a job, and it can have long-term effects on your family’s wellbeing and financial security. We want to help you get back on the right foot, so you can confidently move forward.

How else can Carey Law Office help?

Aside from our work in criminal defense, we offer a wide range of legal services to our clients. If you are suffering serious injuries following an accident, we will work to resolve your case for the amount you deserve. We have close to four decades’ worth of experience handling personal injury and accident cases ranging from car accidents to dog bites; from whiplash to wrongful death. While you focus on recovering, we will deal with the insurance companies to make sure you get the help you need, and gather the necessary evidence to prove that you were not at fault. We can also help you find the right doctors, deal with towing and rental car fees, and find the right expert to handle any property damage you have.

We also have extensive experience helping clients with their estate planning needs. Whether you need to settle an estate for a loved one or would like to create a will for yourself, we will help you finalize everything while minimizing the stress that falls on you. Should your situation require additional guidance, we can offer access to helpful resources such as accountants, real estate agents, and other professionals. We also help clients draft wills and estate plans. By going over all of your options with you and tailoring our expert legal advice to your needs, we create a thorough will and/or estate plan for you to ensure your wishes will be met and your family will be taken care of after you’ve gone.

Why you should choose Carey Law Office for your criminal defense

Choosing the right firm is the first important step. You want a team with the experience to handle anything the case throws their way, and the resources to handle the case from start to finish. You deserve to feel confident in your choice, with a lawyer who sees you for you and has a vested interest in the outcome of your case. That’s where we come in.

At Carey Law Office, you work with an attorney who listens to your story, builds your case, works with the right experts on your behalf, and stands by your side behind the table if your case goes to trial. You work with a team of knowledgeable staff who are well-equipped to answer your questions, address any concerns, and ensure that you are taken care of. We leverage our experiences in multiple areas of legal practice to build creative strategies for your specific legal needs, even if they move outside the “lines” of a traditional defense, injury, or estate planning case. To us, you aren’t just another case – you’re a person in need of help.

We are proud of how often new clients find us through referrals by current and former clients because it means we’re doing something right. If you need legal counsel, call us. Let’s see what we can do together.

The help you need, when and where you need it

Carey Law Office has locations in Bowie and in Dunkirk and serves clients in Anne Arundel County, Prince George’s County, Calvert County, and the surrounding areas. As a boutique law firm, we offer a level of personal attention to you and your case that a larger firm just can’t provide. Please call 301-464-2500 or fill out the contact form to get in touch with us. We’ll get you through this.