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Crimes committed by anyone under the age of 18 in Maryland are almost always adjudicated in a juvenile justice system that is separate from the adult justice system. Some people are under the false impression that juvenile offenses are not as serious as adult offenses, and that when they become adults, their youthful indiscretions no longer matter. This is entirely untrue.

At Carey Law Office, we have experience protecting the rights of youth offenders. Whether they are tried in the juvenile system or as an adult in the traditional court system, your child needs the guidance and counsel of an experienced Bowie juvenile criminal defense lawyer who will protect his or her rights and safeguard his or her future. We invite you to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

Juvenile delinquency in Maryland

Rather than focusing on punishment, the juvenile court system in Maryland is focused on rehabilitating children so they will learn to make better choices. Rather than being thrown in jail for certain drug crimes, a juvenile might instead be given the opportunity to go through drug treatment instead. However, depending on the nature of the offense and the age of the young person, he or she could be charged as an adult.

What types of juvenile offenses do we handle?

The Maryland Department of Juvenile Services offers diversion programs for drug treatment and counseling for kids who have made mistakes and want to change their ways. For other young people who have chosen a more destructive path, there are delinquency proceedings. When a child is arrested after an alleged criminal offense, the court will decide whether his or her case will remain in adult court or be transferred to the juvenile system. Juveniles commit some of the same crimes as their adult counterparts, but certain offenses are more common with young people including:

  • Vandalism
  • Trespassing
  • Underage drinking
  • Rape and other sex crimes
  • Marijuana and other drug possession charges
  • Shoplifting
  • Internet crimes
  • Theft
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Drunk driving
  • Probation violation

If your child has been charged with a crime, you want to do everything you can to protect his or her rights as he or she moves through the judicial system. Juveniles who have been accused of an offense are entitled to legal representation, and they have the same rights as an adult who have been accused of a criminal offense. Carey Law Office is here to help make sure that those rights are observed appropriately. With more than three decades of experience helping young people caught up in the juvenile justice system emerge with a positive outcome, we are here to help.

What is considered delinquency?

A delinquent act is an act committed by a young person under the age of 18 that would be considered a crime if an adult committed it.

How can I get my juvenile record expunged?

You may have made some reckless choices and gotten into a bit of trouble when you were younger, but now you have bigger goals and you want to move forward with your life. However, there are some items on your juvenile record that you would like removed. This process is called expungement, and Maryland law allows criminal records to be expunged under certain circumstances. Expungement is a legal process which removes your old police and court records from public inspection. Juvenile records do not just disappear when a child turns 18. The offenses will show up in a background check unless they are expunged. The government will either destroy the record, or it will be moved to a secure storage facility, with limited access.

Not everyone who has a juvenile record will qualify to have their records expunged. At Carey Law Office, we can review your records, determine if you qualify for getting your records expunged, and then we will file the appropriate paperwork on your behalf.

Protecting the future of young offenders

Has your child been accused of breaking the law in Maryland? If so, it is vital that you retain an experienced Bowie criminal defense lawyer from Carey Law Office immediately. We are here to protect your child’s rights. There are many options available for juvenile defenders; we have experience both working in the juvenile system and defending young clients who have been tried as adults. Don’t allow your child’s reckless mistake destroy his or her chances for a successful future. We help facilitate getting to the heart of the matter, which often includes drug and alcohol issues and mental health issues.

For more than 37 years, Carey Law Office has protected the rights of juveniles who have gotten caught up in the legal system. We offer you and your child solid legal guidance, and do everything within our power to safeguard his or her future.

Committed to protecting your child’s future when he or she is facing criminal charges

If your child has gotten involved in the legal system, you do not want to leave anything to chance. If your child is transferred to the adult system, he or she will be tried and sentenced according to adult standards which can be incredibly harsh. We are here to protect your child’s future. Your child’s juvenile charges can have far-reaching effects on many aspects of his or her life. We fight to safeguard your child’s prospects and protect his or her rights. You may call 301-464-2500 or contact Carey Law Office in Bowie and Crofton so that we can get started on your case.