We at Carey Law Office are proud to introduce our new client portal through MyCase. The privacy of our clients has always been of utmost importance to us. By adopting an online case management platform with a bank-grade security system, we have taken measures to maximize our clients’ privacy.

Another reason we love the MyCase portal is the level of sheer convenience it provides. Now, all of our clients can see everything pertaining to their individual cases 24/7 in the privacy of their own homes. Our new portal also gives clients the ability to upload documents and send messages to our staff online. This minimizes communication issues including missed calls, full voice mailboxes, and telephone tag. In so many instances, this also eliminates the inconvenience of taking off work to come to our office.

At Carey Law Office, we provide only the highest caliber of professional service and personal attention to our clients. This is why our office strives for nothing less than excellence, continually working to employ the latest technology to benefit our clients in matters of privacy, security, and convenience. We care about our clients – it’s as simple as that.

The MyCase client portal went into effect fairly recently, so it is only available for clients who have email and retained us from January 2014 onward. If you are a current client, visit our homepage to log into your portal.