After a DUI conviction or motor vehicle violation, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Association (MVA) will take steps to revoke or suspend your driver’s license. However, you may be eligible for a restricted license instead of having your license suspended or revoked. A restricted license is a way for you to continue to drive for the most important activities even after a license suspension, provided you follow and abide by all the rules of the particular restrictions and constraints.

Types of license restrictions in Maryland

The MVA can restrict your driving privileges for a variety of reasons, including as a result of a judge’s decision or the outcome of an MVA hearing. The MVA can impose four different types of restrictions on your driver’s license.

  • Work or education. With a work or education license restriction, a driver may only travel from work or school. It can be offered after a DUI arrest with breath test BAC results between a 0.08 and 0.14 and received a license suspension.
  • Medical. A restriction for medical purposes permits a licensee to drive to or from any medical appointments for himself or herself or a member of his or her immediate family.
  • Alcohol restriction. This permits drivers to drive to obtain any required alcohol counseling or education whether it is voluntary or part of probation.
  • Ignition interlock device. This restriction requires an ignition interlock device to be installed into a motor vehicle which requires a person to breathe into the interlock device every time they start their vehicle to test for alcohol. The driver is responsible for the typical $150.00 cost for the installation of the device, as well as the approximately $75.00 monthly data download expense throughout the restriction period. However, due to an arrangement with an MVA approved provider, clients of Carey Law Office will not have to pay the $150 installation charge and the first month data download fee is also waived.

Not everyone is eligible for a restricted license, especially for more severe DUI offenses. When applying for any type of restricted license, you can help your case by providing your attorney with things like letters from your employer explaining your need for a vehicle, copies of pay stubs from your job, medical appointment schedule, enrollment documents from your school, or documents proving your participation in a drug or alcohol abuse treatment program.

If you violate a driver’s license restriction

Violating the terms of your driving restrictions can lead to suspension of your driver’s license. The MVA will notify you if they believe you’ve violated your restriction. You have the right to request a hearing and challenge this suspension, which is the only way to maintain your driving privileges. Experienced MVA hearing attorneys can help you put together a case to fight the violation and help keep your license.

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