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My name is Joe Carey, and I am the founder and principal attorney of the Carey Law Office. I have lived in Maryland my entire life. I grew up in a small town in Prince George’s County and, with the help of my partner in life, Nancy, I raised my family here: three exceptional children (a son and two daughters), and two goofy, spoiled black Labrador Retrievers. Learn More
Jun 6, 2022

Using Man’s Best Friend as a Dangerous Weapon

By |June 6th, 2022|Criminal|0 Comments

The term “deadly weapon” typically makes individuals think of a gun or knife, or an inanimate object that can be used to cause harm. However, recently two men allegedly used a dog as a way to attack and rob a man. According to CBS News, two men and a dog approached an unarmed man and unleashed their dog, and it attacked him, biting him in both legs and his left arm. The alleged robbers took [...]

May 30, 2022

Can I Go to Prison for Sharing My Prescription Drugs?

By |May 30th, 2022|Drugs|0 Comments

Prescription drugs are intended for use by which only the person they are prescribed. However, sometimes that person shares their medication with another. This act brings the question of whether a person can go to prison for sharing prescription drugs. Many Maryland residents are under the impression that if they obtain medications from a relative, it is not illegal. After all, you are not getting illicit drugs from the shady drug dealer on the corner. [...]

May 23, 2022

An Overview of Gun Possession by Prohibited Person Laws in Maryland

By |May 23rd, 2022|Criminal|0 Comments

Here in Maryland, conviction of certain crimes bars an individual from gun and weapon possession. Typically these state laws are in line with federal gun control laws targeting ex-felons. However, a recent case out of the Maryland Court of Appeals demonstrates that our state’s gun control laws are even stronger than the federal government’s, a decision that could affect many people in the future. Some background on the case Mashour Howling and Funiba Abongnelah were [...]

May 9, 2022

A Problematic New Car Safety Feature

By |May 9th, 2022|DUI|0 Comments

Each year, state and federal governments – along with grassroots activists and non-profits – look for ways to reduce the number of drunk drivers on the roads. They do this legislation, through tougher laws for DUI offenses, by setting up check stops, and more. The latest effort is a new piece of vehicle technology: alcohol detection sensors. The government is working on legislation that will require alcohol detection sensors in every new vehicle. These sensors [...]

Mar 28, 2022

Penalties for Drug Crimes Within School Zones

By |March 28th, 2022|Criminal, Drugs|0 Comments

It is no secret that the United States has a prison problem. Prisons far too full, and the government spends no small amount of money housing prisoners. Thanks to the failed “War on Drugs,” there are people serving sentences of ten, twenty, even up to thirty years in prison for non-violent crimes. For many, these long sentences are the result of prior arrests and convictions (mandatory sentencing for the so-called “three strikes” rules; others for [...]

Mar 22, 2022

What Is Boating Under the Influence?

By |March 22nd, 2022|BUI|0 Comments

With the winter season beginning to wane, it is the time of year that we begin to dream about sunshine, warm weather, and getting out on the ocean. Summertime has always been the time of year when we plan all our outdoor activities, including relaxation and play. If you have a boat (or plan on getting one), then imagining yourself out on the lake at Allen Pond Park or taking the boat out in Whitehall [...]

Mar 7, 2022

Why Are Nurses Abusing Prescription Drugs?

By |March 7th, 2022|Drugs|0 Comments

The pandemic has been difficult for all of us. A new and contagious virus combined with the solitude of staying at home to avoid catching it makes our lives different and more complicated than they have been in the past. It makes sense that many of us are seeking outlets to escape the situations that we find ourselves in. As difficult as the average person has had it, it is without question that medical personnel [...]

Mar 1, 2022

The Impact of Criminal Convictions on Security Clearances in Maryland

By |March 1st, 2022|Criminal|0 Comments

If you were to ask the average person what punishments they think of when they hear the words “criminal conviction,” you would likely hear answers like “jail time” or “fines.” Others might mention restitution, or the loss of the right to vote. All of these penalties are, of course, possible – but there are collateral damages to a conviction that you may not know. One such example is the loss of a security clearance. A [...]

Feb 7, 2022

Can I Be Arrested for DUI if I’m Asleep in My Parked Car?

By |February 7th, 2022|DUI|0 Comments

Nobody wants an arrest – or charge, or conviction – for driving under the influence (DUI). We go to great lengths to avoid it, from assigning a designated driver to staying sober to calling a rideshare instead. What if these options fall through and you are left alone with your vehicle? You certainly do not want to leave it to chance, so you put your keys in your pocket and decide to “sleep it off” [...]

Jan 31, 2022

Ocean City Road Rage Incident Leads to Felony Assault Charge

By |January 31st, 2022|Criminal|0 Comments

A road rage incident occurring in Ocean City, Maryland last month almost turned deadly after one of the parties allegedly pulled a knife out during the altercation. According to police reports, the incident began when a driver (we’ll call him “John Doe,” as his name was not released) made a lane change in front of another driver’s car. After the lane change, it is alleged that Scott Williamson followed Doe closely from behind and sped [...]

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