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Calvert County criminal defense attorney fights for the rights of defendants charged with Maryland or federal crimes

Whether you have been charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, a drug crime, a sex crime, a theft crime, or any other crime, you need an experienced Calvert County criminal defense lawyer fighting for you. A skilled defense lawyer builds a strong defense by asserting all your Constitutional and legal rights. For 40 years, attorney Joseph Carey has helped defendants assert their rights. Many times, people just make mistakes, and the best solution may be for a defendant to receive substance abuse help or some type of alternative sentence. At Carey Law Office, we represent clients from the initial bail hearing and preliminary hearing through the court hearings and trial. We speak for you with the police officers, prosecutors, and before the judges. We work to keep you out of jail. We fight to protect your name.

How do you fight for people in Calvert County accused of criminal offenses?

It is critical that you work with experienced lawyers who have tried cases before juries, who have argued motions before judges, and who have negotiated with prosecutors. The little details such as asking the correct questions, speaking with witnesses, understanding your legal rights, and knowing the rules of procedure help a great amount in determining what happens with your case.

Carey Law Office investigates the scene of the crime, when relevant. We work with appraisers, breath test professionals, financial experts, and other experts when necessary. We understand when to contest issues and when it may be better to resolve them. We answer all your questions and prepare you for each phase of your case.

We are ready to help you, no matter the seriousness of the charge or the type of charge.

What types of criminal cases do you handle?

Carey Law Office represents clients charged with all crimes, including:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI)As soon as you are arrested for a DUI, you should contact Carey Law Office. Even first-time convictions can result in jail time. We work to show the police officer did not have proper grounds to stop you. We contest the validity of breath tests. We fight to negotiate plea bargains for lesser charges, such as traffic offenses. We represent defendants at MVA driver’s license suspension hearings. Subsequent convictions mean increased sentences and fines – so it is best to try to contest the initial charge.
  • Drug crimes. Drug offenses include the possession, use, sale, and distribution of controlled substances. Convictions can result in substantial prison sentences, especially as most drug crimes, other than possession, are felonies. There are often defenses to these charges. We contest the right of the officer to search you or your home. We contest the chain of custody of the drugs. You may be eligible to have your case transferred to a drug court where the focus is more on treatment than confinement. We handle these common drug charges, among others:
  • AssaultAssault crimes in Maryland are categorized as:
    • Assault in the first-degree MD Crim Law Code § 3-202. This offense involves bodily harm (including attempt) and the use of a firearm, knife, or blunt instrument in the assault. This offense is a felony.
    • Assault in the second-degree MD Crim Law Code § 3-203. This offense involves physical injury to a police officer, first responder, or law enforcement official. This offense is a misdemeanor.
    • Reckless endangerment MD Crim Law Code § 3-204. We handle the full range of reckless endangerment charges.
  • TheftTheft charges include misdemeanors (shoplifting and petty theft) and felonies (receiving stolen property, burglary, fraud, embezzlement, and other theft crimes). The penalties usually vary depending on the value of the items and whether any force was involved. We represent anyone in Calvert County charged with any type of theft crime. We work to dismiss the charges, show that the value of the items was less than charged, and we assert all other defenses that apply. We also work to reduce the charges to less serious theft crimes.
  • Sex crimes.We handle these very serious crimes, which can affect your reputation and life long after you have completed any sentence. We fight to obtain dismissals, acquittals, and plea reductions, and represent clients seeking removal from the sex offender registry. Our Calvert County defense team represents folks facing charges like:
    • Rape, including statutory rape
    • Sexual assault
    • Sexual abuse
    • Lewd conduct
    • Indecent exposure
    • Human trafficking
  • Domestic violence.Domestic abuse and domestic violence usually involve the testimony of a spouse, family member, or intimate partner. The victim typically seeks a protective order to force you to stay away from the complainant and their home (MD Code § 4-501MD Code § 4-508). Defendants may also be charged with a sex crime depending on the circumstances.
  • Juvenile crimes.Juveniles in Calvert County can be charged with the same crimes as adults. The difference from adult crimes is in the way juvenile crimes are handled. Generally, a determination is made about whether the defendant is delinquent. If so, the court works to craft a treatment plan for the juvenile. In some cases, juveniles may be confined.

Should you speak with the police after you are arrested?

No. You should immediately ask to speak to our law office. Any statements you make can be used against you. Police officers are required to explain your Miranda rights which include the right to speak with your lawyer and the right not to incriminate yourself.

What are the stages of a criminal prosecution in Calvert County?

Our legal team represents you at every stage of the criminal process after the initial arrest. These stages include:

  • Setting bail
  • The preliminary hearing
  • The filing of motions, such as requests to suppress evidence illegally obtained
  • Arguing for a dismissal of the charges
  • Plea negotiations
  • The jury trial

We fight for your acquittal. However, if there is a conviction, we represent you at the sentencing hearing. We also review whether appeals to higher courts are necessary.

Do you have a Calvert County criminal defense attorney near me?

We have two offices in Maryland for your convenience:

Bowie Office
14300 Gallant Fox Ln, Suite 223
Bowie, MD 20715

Dunkirk Office
10425 Southern Maryland Blvd., #201
Dunkirk, MD 20754

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