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Driving High: Dangerous or Harmless?

The fairly recent decriminalization of marijuana in Maryland has opened a discussion about the ways it could affect driving abilities. Plenty of people seem to believe that they are “better drivers” when high – that it simply causes people to drive more slowly and cautiously. So what’s the big deal? Is driving while high really [..]

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Three Myths About Sobriety Checkpoints

Sobriety checkpoints often occur on holidays, high-traffic weekends, and popular driving routes. This makes them common during the summer – but do you know what you do and don’t have to do if you’re stopped at a sobriety checkpoint? To help you out, we’ve addressed some common misconceptions that could get you in trouble. If [..]

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Employee Spotlight: Joanne Melendez

This month, Joanne Melendez is the focus of our Employee Spotlight! Originally from Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, Joanne speaks Spanish with a native fluency. She recently graduated with her Juris Doctorate from Howard Law School; as this is her first job out of law school, we at Carey Law Office feel very lucky to [..]

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