As we all know, Maryland and the entire country has laws that intend to keep drunk drivers off the road. If someone intentionally breaks these laws and is convicted of DUI or DWI, their driver’s license can be indefinitely suspended or revoked. Once this has happened to you, after you have served the conditions of your sentence, you may be able to apply to have your license reinstated.

If you’ve had your license revoked, you must wait a certain amount of time before requesting to have your license reinstated. This period depends on the number of times you’ve had your driver’s license revoked before. The waiting period, per the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), is as follows:

  • First revocation: 6-month waiting period
  • Second revocation: 12-month waiting period
  • Third revocation: 18-month waiting period
  • Fourth revocation: 24-month waiting period

Your waiting period begins on the day you turn in your driver’s license to the MVA after it was revoked, or on the date of revocation – whichever is later. Also, the MVA reinstatement process takes many months from the date that you file your Application for Reinstatement.

Then, after you’ve waited the proper amount of time and are entitled to reinstatement (you may want to check with your DUI defense attorney to ensure all is in order), you can file the request for reinstatement of your license with the MVA.  The MVA has a reinstatement package which will include a request for your full name, address, date of birth, driver’s license number and medical information.

The MVA reviews your driving record and checks for any insurance problems, child support violations, or any other issue that might disqualify you from license reinstatement. If everything checks out properly, the MVA will provide you with an application form. You’ll then be mailed a letter with their ruling, granting or denying your reinstatement.

If your driver’s license reinstatement request is granted, all you have to do is go to your local MVA and apply for a new license. You’re still subject to current MVA requirements, and may have to take your driving skills test again. There is also a fee for DUI-related license reinstatement.

If your reinstatement request is denied, you have the right to appeal the decision via the Office of Administrative Hearings. This information will be provided in the letter from the MVA.

Have you lost your driver’s license after a DUI or DWI? The defense attorneys at Carey Law Office can guide you through the process of reinstatement, and advocate for you in the event you are denied. We also represent those facing drunk driving charges. For a consultation, please call 301-464-2500 or use our contact form to schedule an appointment. We have offices in Bowie and Crofton.