Driving under the influence is a serious criminal charge. If convicted, individuals face significant fines, loss of driving privileges, and time spent in jail.

The seriousness with which the state of Maryland considers these offenses is reflected in its recent announcement – through the Department of Transportation in the state – that it will participate in a Learning Collaborative designed to tackle the problem of drunk driving statewide and reduce its occurrence.

The state of Maryland was chosen by the National Covers Association to participate in this Collaborative. Different agencies and their representatives will examine data related to drunk driving incidents in the state. They will also take a look at other states and their actions to address the issue of impaired driving. The considerations of the Collaboration will involve laws, educational programs, and other associated areas.

Recent DUI stats in Maryland

Between 2014 and 2018, the state of Maryland averaged 6,799 crashes, which include 159 deaths and 3,190 injuries. The deaths from impaired driving in the state during this time accounted for just over 3 in 10 of the state’s total roadway fatalities. Maryland’s Drug Recognition Expert Program and testing lab was burdened down by the additional heroin and opioid use in the state. The consensus from experts is that effective standardization, strong data collection, and toxicology testing is required to make a complete assessment of the impaired driving problem in Maryland.

Goals of the Learning Collaborative

The Learning Collaborative’s goal is to reduce and work toward the elimination of traffic-related injuries and deaths. Some of its major goals include:

  • Increased accessibility and timeliness of Maryland’s crash data by developing dashboards that provide partners and highway safety access to standardized, timely information.
  • Expansion and improvement of the data system tracking impaired driving offenders in the state – everything from the time of arrest to treatment.
  • The development of educational programs for law enforcement, prosecutors, and those in the judiciary.
  • The development of a process to get drug recognition expert evidence accepted by the judiciary when blood test results are not available.
  • A review of Maryland’s impaired driving program to evaluate and discover all requirements regarding legislation, technology, regulation, training, and manpower.

The results of this Collaborative could significantly impact persons accusing convicted of driving while under the influence in the handling of their cases in court.

It is important for anyone accused of drunk or drugged driving to obtain the best strategy possible to ensure fair treatment in the judicial system. An experienced DUI defense attorney may be your best chance at protecting yourself.

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